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Project 9b START-UP!

Project 9b, born from "Nine-tailed Fox" myth in Nasu.Manga Artist, Akira Himekawa Artistic Direction

Legend of the nine-tailed fox

"Project 9b" is a new project to promote tourism and share information with visitors of Nasu.
Art Director Akira Himekawa, world-famous Manga Artist and illustrator, reimagined the historical
motifs of the Nine-tailed Fox into a modern characterization, which was then animated using AR(augmented reality) and motion picture.
The Nine-tailed Fox and the characters born from its nine tails will serve as tour guides for
exploring Nasu, showing visitors all there is to discover and delight in.

The Nine-tailed Fox is a symbol of the power and mystery of Nasu. In order to bring the myth of Nasu's great nature back to life, Akira Himekawa helped launch this project. Seiichi
Tanaka, Vice Director of Tetsuya Chiba MANGA Innovation Research Laboratory, served as supervising editor.

The next time you visit Nasu, the Nine-tailed Fox will welcome you - in the forest, at the waterfront, or in the shadow of the stone...

You can have new one experience to play around in Nasu

Project 9b

You will meet "Nine-tailed fox" after visiting 9 spots.

1."Nine-tailed fox" characters can be your storyteller!
2.Let's share photographic memories with "Nine-tailed fox" characters!
3.Let's join mobile stamp rally to collect "Nine-tailed fox" characters!

You will meet Nine-tailed fox after visiting 9 spots.


Historical site about "Nine-tailed fox" folklore. Sulfur-filled surrounding makes you unusual feeling.

[ CV ]
jp:Akari Maeda
Nasu Hot springs

Nasu Hot springs

"Shikanoyu" is home place of the spring.
"Mukashigatarikan" museum in Minshuku area exhibits old pictures of this area.

[ CV ]
jp:Natsumi Tabata


1915 meters altitude, main mountain of Nasu mountains. Nasu Ropeway can carry
you to 9th station.

[ CV ]
jp:Akari Maeda
Komadome-no-taki waterfall

Komadome-no-taki waterfall

You can overlook from the deck. Many photo lovers gather at fresh green/autumn
color season.

[ CV ]
jp:Satoko Karasawa
Nasu Heisei-no-Mori forest

Nasu Heisei-no-Mori forest

About 560 hectares forest area, site of Nasu imperial villa till 2011.
Optimal place for nature observing.

[ CV ]
jp:Yui Shirai
Yahata Azaleas Park

Yahata Azaleas Park

Best scenic spot in Nasu area to view Kanto Plain. Wooden path are prepared to walk through Azaleas.

[ CV ]
jp:Yui Kurasawa
Yugyo Yanagi Willow

Yugyo Yanagi Willow

Famous spot coming subject of Noh and Yokyoku, also known Basho Matsuo composed Haiku here.

[ CV ]
jp:Tomoya Kanzaki


Kurodahara station opened 1892. Around there prospered as auction place of "Nasugoma" horses.

[ CV ]
jp:Hina Kitamura


Iono area along Tosando remains old-time scene of Satoyama, flow of Mikuragawa river, Minosawa spider lilies and so on.

[ CV ]
jp:Syotaro Tengou
English voice cooperation : Utsunomiya Bunsei Girls' High School English Study Abroad Course
English voice recording cooperation : Utsunomiya Media Arts Vocational School

Let's join mobile stamp rally!!

"Nine-tailed fox" characters can be your storyteller with QR codes!

Nine-tailed fox characters can be your storyteller with QR codes! Scanning QR code on "Project 9b" information board of each spot with your mobile, you can watch motion pictures on it that "Nine-tailed fox" characters appear to introduce the spot as storyteller.

First download APP to play with the characters!

First download APP to play with the characters! First download APP to play with the characters! To play with the characters, please download APP for AR marker with following QR code.
For Android For iOS

Let's share photographic memories with "Nine-tailed fox" characters!

Let's share photographic memories with Start APP and scan "Nine-tailed fox" illustration as AR marker of each sports, and you can take memorial photos with characters.

Let's join mobile stamp rally to collect "Nine-tailed fox" characters!

Let's join mobile stamp rally to collect Click "Stamp Rally Here!" button at upper-left on your mobile, and change to mobile stamp rally screen(External browser will open).

Completing stamp rally, get deluxe privilege!

Completing stamp rally, get deluxe privilege! Completing 9 places of "Nine-tailed fox" mobile stamp rally, you can watch special motion picture.

<<Moreover, present "Nine-tailed fox" wrapping cloth at completing!>>
We present "Nine-tailed fox" wrapping cloth illustrated by Akira Himeawa. By lottery each 3 months, there will be each 30 winners completing the rally and answering questionnaire to apply.

1st deadline / Jun.30,2018
2nd deadline / Sep.30,2018
3rd deadline / Dec.31,2018
4th deadline / Mar.31,2019

<<Present original goods at completing 2nd round!>>
We are awaiting your challenge of stamp rally 2nd round if you already completed 1st round!
Completing 2nd round and answering questionnaire to apply, we present "Project 9b" original goods designed by Akira Himekawa to all applicants.
Please use pen name same as 1st round, and mention "2nd round complete" on comment column.

2nd round 1st deadline / Sep.30,2018
2nd round 2nd deadline / Dec.31,2018
2nd round 3rd deadline / Mar.31,2019

●"Project 9b mobile stamp rally" will organize various privileges to all the consummator.
●Details of benefits and presents are subject to change without notice.

Project system

Art Director : Akira Himekawa/ Manga Artist, Illustrator


Planning partner/Editor
Seiichi Tanaka / Vice-director of Tetsuya Chiba Manga innovation research laboratory

Nasu Tourism Assositation

Producer(AR/motion picture)
AID Co.,Ltd.

Nasu Town
Tochigi Prefecture (Tochigi Destination Campaign)
Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan