Akira Himekawa

Akira Himekawa Profile
Akira Himekawa : A duo of 2 Manga Artists, A Honda and S Nagano.

They collaborated in 1987 for the first time and started to create a Manga named " Hiuri".
That manga was published in the comic market and sold at the coterie/ fanzine sales event as their original manga. The main story was serialized every two months and three spin-off stories were published in 1990. (" Hiuri" was a Ninja Manga influenced by Sanpei Shiratowhom Akira Himekawa admired.)

In 1991, "Honoo ha Kaze no Na no gotoku" was entered in the Comic Grand Prix won the second prize. The 100 pages long two part episode was in the magazine.

After several serial comics, they appeared in a wide range of publications for Kadokawa Bookstore, Media Works and so on . Their style changed from historical to fantasy themes. They also worked on making comics based on animations that were popular. 
"Lu-garu" was started to be serialized. It was their original and a very well known fantasy Manga.
The serial comic of "The legend of Zelda ~ Toki no Ocarina" originally from the big hitTV game by Nintendo started in the Shogakukan magazine.
"Yuana to Gin no Tsuki" "ASTROBOY Tetsuwan Atom"
"Gliding REKI" was started to be serialized in the web magazine "Michao!" by Kodansha.
"THE WILD LEG" They created this serial comic for the comic market for the first time in many years. This comic was well known in the "Wild animal" category.
The serial comics of "Seton's Wild Animals" was started in the "GAKUMAN plus" by Shogakukan.
The first comic of "Doggy Maggy Animal school" was published by Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko.
The comic "Gliding REKI RETURN" was started to be serialized in Rakuman in Shanghai, China.
Himekawa Art Production was established.
The series of "The legend of Zelda" was republished as comics.
"Akira Himekawa" became their original pen name.
"The legend of Zelda ~Twilight Princess" was published as a new series "The legend of Zelda".
They were invited to Los Angeles Anime Expo and New York Comic Con in the United States as a guest of honor.


"Gliding REKI" : Recommended art work by judges in the web Manga section at the Media Art Festival.
"The legend of Zelda ~ Toki no Ocarina" : The best manga in the international manga section at the Sondarman Readers Award in Germany.
"Gold Ring" : The best children's literature award at the Sheikh Zayed Book Award.